Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today is another twofer. Thats right, I bring the value. Two bit's of "what the what?!" for the low low price of free.

So, number one. I was church this weekend for a worship conference, and they were kind enough to provide coffee. At the coffee stand, I was greeted with the following note:

"Please use lids. Thanks." Makes sense to me, but I wondered why as I looked around, not a single person was actually using a lid. Was I so obtuse that I missed the memo that the politely written sign (they used *both* magic words: "Please" and "Thanks") was just a big joke on people so obtuse as to miss the memo? Why were all these people ignoring such a politely written and well placed sign?

Then I figured it out:

I'll give you a moment to see if you can figure it out.

Get it yet?

Come on, I'm getting tired of sitting here.

Whatever, I'll just tell you: There is no drink hole! I spent a not insignificant amount of time staring at the lid, playing with it, and generally feeling about for something that I surely must have missed. I even tried poking one of those little red stirrer straws through the teeny steam hole in the middle and drinking it that way, but that didn't really work out. If you don't understand why, I suggest some further reading.

Ultimately, my new friend Tara (hi Tara!) and I ended up creating our very own homemade drinking hole using advanced tools and concepts such as a ball point pen and GI Joe combat stabbing action. Situation resolved! But still... !?

Secondly, and this one really requires no introduction other than, this is on the elevator that used to take me to the floor my office is on. Pay particular attention to the "Date Permit Expires":

Notice I said used to, I take the stairs now.

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